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Anonymous Doctor Who Fanfiction Awards

Winner and Runner Up Banners
sunny days
Congratulations to all the winners from me too. Here are your banners!

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The Winners Are
metebelis three
Classic Who Gen: Old Soldiers by astrogirl2
Runners Up (tie): A Row (Or Two) by lost_spook and The Lonely God(zilla) by cryptile

New Who Gen: The Gift of the Mad Guy by sam_storyteller
Runner Up: Light Bending Backwards by trolllogicfics

Classic Who Het: Learn How To Be You In Time by lizbee
Runner Up: Nights Like This by fantasyjax

New Who Het: After a tie-breaker round of voting, the winner is Huntsman by lizbee.
The runners-up are the other two stories from the three-way tie: Sleeping With the Enemy by rude_not_ginger and Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name by Pitry.

Classic Who Slash: Ginger and Free by elliptic_eye
Runners Up (tie): Reflections by van and go down with the sun by shobogan

New Who Slash: Atonement by sahiya
Runners Up (tie): Passing Notes by adaliafic and Mendelian Inheritance by fahye

Femslash: Let There Be Light by livii
Runners Up (tie): Nothing Exciting Happens Here (The Feels Like Home Remix) by iamsab and Hardly Moving Yet by ionlylurkhere

Group: A two-way tie between Den of Thieves by livii and Sense by adaliafic

Congratulations, all of you!

Banners are made and will be posted soon. I'm going to unscreen the reviews in smith_awards_r1 now. They'll be visible by the time most of you read this. One last time, a big thank you to everyone who nominated and reviewed fic for us.

Tie Breaker Closed
metebelis three
A day late, actually, but that's good because otherwise our tie breaker would have had a tie. All three fics will be at least runner-up, since they were tied for first place when voting closed. We've been checking and re-checking votes, reposting non-anonymous ones, making banners for the winners, etc., so we should announce and start contacting the winners really soon now. Thanks for being patient with us.

Tie Breaker Voting
metebelis three
We have one category with a three-way tie in New Who Het. We're okay with a two-way tie (the rules say we'll give the award to "both" winners), but a three-way tie for first calls for action.

Voting is open again for the next three days on three fics only. The three in the tie are "Huntsman", "Sleeping With the Enemy" and "Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name?". This is the link to the voting post, which also links to the stories themselves.

The tie-breaker voting is just a tie-breaker; these three are already the winners/runners-up in their category.

Voting Closed
metebelis three
Thank you all for your participation. Voting in the Smith Awards is now closed. We received around 240 reviews. Assuming we don't discover any three-way ties when we're counting the votes, winners will be announced in a couple of days.

Reminder post: less than a week left!
metebelis three
This is your last-minute reminder to vote in the Smith Awards. The index of categories can be found here (or you can just browse smith_awards_r1, where the voting posts are). Voting ends next Tuesday.

To everyone who's voted already, thanks! For the rest of you, remember that you can vote on as many or as few stories as you like. Don't think you can read all 67 nominees in six days? Understandable. You can still vote on whatever you have got time for: one per category, whatever category looks shortest, only stories with the letter D in the title, or however else you want to choose. And of course, anything you've already read.

Also, banners.
metebelis three
Here are some nominee banners, for those interested.Collapse )

Voting Begins! (Index Post)
metebelis three
Voting is now open!

Lots of you have friended us, so to save your flists, the voting posts have all been put in smith_awards_r1. There is no need to go friend it; all announcements will still be made here.

Some categories had more nominees (and more authors who replied to accept their nominations) than others, so some categories have been merged.

The instructions for voting have been copied and pasted to each post so that you don't have to click to them each time if you forget. Basically, you are reviewing each fic in a reply (screened until voting ends), and your subject line needs to have the title and your verdict: positive, negative, or neutral. Positive is a vote for, negative a vote against; highest score wins. Review with potential readers in mind (try not to spoil anything).

And now, the voting posts.

Classic Who Gen, Part 1
Classic Who Gen, Part 2
New Who Gen, Part 1
New Who Gen, Part 2
Classic Who Het
New Who Het
Classic Who Slash
New Who Slash

Nominee banners are forthcoming. We'll be tagging those entries by characters and ships over the next couple of days, as well.

Voting ends May 12 at 20:00 GMT.

Nominations Closed
sunny days
Nominations are closed now. Thank you all so much for your participation, we have a good number of fics now and will start sorting them and contacting authors soon. Voting will start in two weeks, barring accidents. ;) Again, thank you all and we hope to see you for voting/reviewing!

Nomination Deadline Extended
metebelis three
We've got an okay number of nominations so far, but we'd really like to have more. Some of our categories are filling up better than others. For example, the gen categories and Classic Who het are doing well (don't let that discourage you from nominating more!), but New Who het and the femslash and group categories are emptier at the moment. So we've decided to give people another week to go find and nominate more fic.

The deadline for nominations is now Sunday, March 29th at 20:00 GMT. The nominations post and instructions are here, and the rules are here.

And a big thanks to everyone who's already sent in nominations!