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Anonymous Doctor Who Fanfiction Awards

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We're Open for Nominations!
metebelis three
metebelis_four wrote in smith_awards
The Smith Awards are now accepting nominations!

We are taking your nominations for the best Doctor Who fanfiction in eighteen categories. To nominate stories, simply reply to this post. Comments are screened, anonymous comments are enabled, and IP logging is off.

You can nominate one story for each category. There are eighteen categories covering Classic and New Who, any and no types of shipping, and adult and non-adult stories. A list of the categories is simpler than an explanation, so here you go:

Classic Who gen
Classic Who non-adult het
Classic Who adult het
Classic Who non-adult slash
Classic Who adult slash
Classic Who non-adult femslash
Classic Who adult femslash
Classic Who non-adult group
Classic Who adult group
New Who gen
New Who non-adult het
New Who adult het
New Who non-adult slash
New Who adult slash
New Who non-adult femslash
New Who adult femslash
New Who non-adult group
New Who adult group

We are considering Big Finish, NAs, EDAs, the TVM, and any other stories up to the Eighth Doctor as part of Classic Who. If you're not sure where a story belongs, the rules may help. If they don't, just ask.

For each story you would like to nominate, simply copy/paste and fill out this form:

Author (with LJ account or e-mail):
Mini-review: Give us 1 to 2 sentences about why you think this fic is of good quality.

For example:
Title: The Made-Up Example Title
Author (with LJ account or e-mail): metebelis_four
Link: http://metebelis-four.livejournal.com/635.html
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, character death, babyfic
Category: Classic non-adult het
Mini-review: This fic is extremely funny while still keeping everyone in character.

Please read the contest rules before nominating, then reply to this post with your nominations. Replies will be screened.

When you're done with that, go advertise us! Here is a banner you can use if you wish:

If you have any questions, you can ask in a comment or email us at john.smith.awards (at) gmail.com .
Nominations now close at 20:00 GMT on Sunday, March 29. Voting should open on April 13.

ETA: Nominations are now closed. Thanks to all who participated. Voting will open in about two weeks.