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Reminder post: less than a week left!
metebelis three
metebelis_four wrote in smith_awards
This is your last-minute reminder to vote in the Smith Awards. The index of categories can be found here (or you can just browse smith_awards_r1, where the voting posts are). Voting ends next Tuesday.

To everyone who's voted already, thanks! For the rest of you, remember that you can vote on as many or as few stories as you like. Don't think you can read all 67 nominees in six days? Understandable. You can still vote on whatever you have got time for: one per category, whatever category looks shortest, only stories with the letter D in the title, or however else you want to choose. And of course, anything you've already read.

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Re: Mods: Typo in Story Listing

Gah, I wish someone had pointed this out sooner. It's fixed now, for what it's worth. Thanks.

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