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Anonymous Doctor Who Fanfiction Awards

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The Winners Are
metebelis three
metebelis_four wrote in smith_awards
Classic Who Gen: Old Soldiers by astrogirl2
Runners Up (tie): A Row (Or Two) by lost_spook and The Lonely God(zilla) by cryptile

New Who Gen: The Gift of the Mad Guy by sam_storyteller
Runner Up: Light Bending Backwards by trolllogicfics

Classic Who Het: Learn How To Be You In Time by lizbee
Runner Up: Nights Like This by fantasyjax

New Who Het: After a tie-breaker round of voting, the winner is Huntsman by lizbee.
The runners-up are the other two stories from the three-way tie: Sleeping With the Enemy by rude_not_ginger and Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name by Pitry.

Classic Who Slash: Ginger and Free by elliptic_eye
Runners Up (tie): Reflections by van and go down with the sun by shobogan

New Who Slash: Atonement by sahiya
Runners Up (tie): Passing Notes by adaliafic and Mendelian Inheritance by fahye

Femslash: Let There Be Light by livii
Runners Up (tie): Nothing Exciting Happens Here (The Feels Like Home Remix) by iamsab and Hardly Moving Yet by ionlylurkhere

Group: A two-way tie between Den of Thieves by livii and Sense by adaliafic

Congratulations, all of you!

Banners are made and will be posted soon. I'm going to unscreen the reviews in smith_awards_r1 now. They'll be visible by the time most of you read this. One last time, a big thank you to everyone who nominated and reviewed fic for us.

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What?! I won? *blink, blink* Um... Thank you! :)

(And the username is actually astrogirl2, by the way.)

Yup, you won. Congrats!

(Ack, typo. Fixed it now.)

How exactly were the votes counted? If a fic got three positives and one neutral, is it supposed to be worse than the one that got only three positives? It confuses me a bit.

Neutral doesn't count for anything. It's just for people who want to review everything, and for the benefit of anyone reading the reviews as recs. A positive and a negative cancel each other out; they have equal value. Basically, they're each exactly what they sound like.

In your example, those two fics would be tied.

Thank you! I'm a little in shock.

I'd like to thank everyone who reviewed my work, and hope to be nominated again in the future. This was a lot of fun.
And an extra ladling of applause to the community mods!


I feel as if I should apologise for being runner up for probably my speediest written fic ever, which as one of the reviewers pointed out, is nothing but a conversation between two characters, but I suppose I should simply smile gracefully and accept. Althugh some of those other stories should have beaten that one hollow. :-D

It was lovely to get the extra reviews, with the added bonus (in a funny way), that they weren't all positive. It's quite useful to know what people didn't like.

LoL. that's more or less everything I have to say :)

Well, that and apologies for some of the horrible typoes I made in reviews (and a couple of time my brain melted and invented words on its own), I reviewd several fics quite quite late...

Thanks very much to everyone who voted and reviewed - very nice surprise!

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