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Anonymous Doctor Who Fanfiction Awards

We're Open for Nominations!
metebelis three
The Smith Awards are now accepting nominations!

We are taking your nominations for the best Doctor Who fanfiction in eighteen categories. To nominate stories, simply reply to this post. Comments are screened, anonymous comments are enabled, and IP logging is off.
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Nominations now close at 20:00 GMT on Sunday, March 29. Voting should open on April 13.

ETA: Nominations are now closed. Thanks to all who participated. Voting will open in about two weeks.

metebelis three
Nominations will be opening soon, so here are the rules.

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If you have any questions, you can reply to this post to ask them.

This will be the home of the Smith Awards, an anonymous review-based award for Doctor Who fanfiction. I'm still setting things up here. Right now I'm looking for volunteers to help moderate this thing, and for suggestions for categories. Mod duties include deleting spam, contacting authors for permission to include their fics, and reading nominated fic to make sure it uses good English and fits its category. Oh, and we could use an icon. Any input or questions are welcome.