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Anonymous Doctor Who Fanfiction Awards
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Anonymous review-based awards for Doctor Who fanfiction.
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This is the home of the Smith Awards, the Anonymous Doctor Who Fanfiction Awards. We were loomed from who_anon, so if you're afraid of mice this might not be the place for you. We will give out awards voted on by anonymous reviews. This way, we will highlight good fanfiction from all eras in a way that emphasizes its quality, while also doubling as a rec community and giving people a place to write honest reviews.

The Smith Awards are not here to compete with or replace any of the other Fandom awards. We want to see well thought out reviews for known and unknown stories. If you are interested in the Classic Who Awards, we encourage you to go visit them at oh_look_rocks.

Nominations closed on Sunday, March 29.
Voting opened on April 13; closes on May 12.